Tired of spreadsheets? We show you what pivot tables can't. Assess and compare revenue by type, cross-vendor sales, monthly occupancy, parking utilization, and customer behavior from one easy-to-use, feature-rich dashboard.


Parkonect's new analytics engine puts real parking intelligence at your fingertips:


  • Compare gross and net revenue by presale vendor on purchased vs actual usage basis

  • Visualize actual monthly occupancy by account, day of week and time of parking 

  • Track and segment utilization patterns

  • Gain deep insights into your validation program usage 

  • And much more!


Beyond universal redemption and cloud-based control, Parkonect delivers sustained profitability through strategic, data-driven parking facility management. We provide
the tools you need to leverage real-time information generated by your garage's transactional behavior. 
Whether at one facility or fifty, Parkonect slices through data provided by online vendors by comparing it to what is actually happening in your garage.


Use our analytics engine to unlock the true earning potential of all revenue channels you choose.


The future of parking is just a click away.

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