Cloud-Based Dashboard

One powerful dashboard, tons of real-time data, and the ability to control transactions
from wherever you are – without on-site labor. Our real-time counts and reports are deeply integrated with your in-garage hardware and provide 360-degree operational control
from a simple yet powerful web portal.


There are no excuses for open tickets or unknown gate vends. Parkonect’s cloud-based dashboard and reporting tells you everything that is happening in the garage as it happens:


  • Counts

  • Credit card sales

  • Failed scans

  • Monthly activity

  • Total daily presales

  • Patrons in, out, and still in the garage 

We have email notifications when your garage hits a certain capacity and the ability to push a rate to the equipment on the fly. And, we have numerous reports that can be pulled in various formats so you can see usage statistics and reconcile your daily transactions – all of which are readily accessible from anywhere, at any time.


Parkonect provides instant communication between your customer, the garage equipment, the online sellers, and your management team.

Automatic Early Entry & Overage Fee Collection


Our software provides various options for handling early arrivals and overstays, including early arrival and overage grace periods, early entry and overage rate tables, and automatic rate calculation and charging. Parkonect quickly lets customers into the garage while still informing them of any additional charges. These charges can be collected at our PCI-compliant exit stations or be passed back to the originating online vendor for collection.

Remote Gate Vending &
Rate Pushing

Parkonect's cloud-based system allows for real-time rate pushing and loop-sensed remote gate vending. An on or off-site service team can instantly push a lost ticket or other rate to our exit station to collect from patrons who have either lost their ticket or need other rate-related assistance. You can vend gates in a controlled manner: every manual vend is recorded in a log that lists the user who performed the vend and their reason for vending.

Detailed Reports in the Cloud


All of our intuitive reports are available in real time and on any Internet-connected device. Run them based on selected date ranges and other variables. Track and reconcile transient and monthly activity, gate vends, counts by parker type, reservation sales by vendor with check-in/out statistics, validation use, revenue by rate, and more.

Dynamic Rate Tables


Parkonect's software enables the entry and storage of various rate tables, including special

event rates, early entry rates, early bird rates, evening rates, and weekend specials. In addition

to having a “default” rate table that is constant, Parkonect allows the operator the freedom to change and update their rates on an hourly, daily, or as-necessary basis by using our intuitive

Rate Calendar function.   

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