Your Parkonect hardware is now a contactless ticketing system 


Now more than ever, there has been a race to eliminate friction and touch-points in the customer’s journey to parking facilities. Interestingly, most recent solutions by PARCS vendors requires installing new hardware components....until now.

Introducing Text to Enter – a revolutionary software feature available at any garage with Parkonect hardware.

With Text To Enter, we make it simple and never require a customer to download an app to get a contactless experience:

Customers simply text ‘park’ and instantly receive their ePass.

Customers scan their ePass at entry, the transaction starts and they receive a       ‘Welcome text’ with a link to make a payment directly through their mobile phone.

Getting a receipt is as simple as clicking a button, as we provide eReceipts.

Text to Enter is an end-to-end contactless customer journey solution. No different than a printed ticket, the ePass uses your garage’s rate tables and validation programs. We just made it simple and touchless.

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