Gate Kits

Every garage is different. Where a small form factor is absolutely essential, Parkonect provides the perfect solution for monthly and presale parker access control: our affordable gate kits.


Parkonect’s gate kits are an ideal solution for any parking garage with overhead doors, lane constraints, or a non-traditional configuration, and instantly turns them into fully integrated, totally controlled monthly parking and online selling facilities.


Built from the same architecture that powers Parkonect’s Parq IV barcode credential readers and cloud-based software, our gate kits power a fully app-driven experience, all while verifying each transaction before granting entry – including ensuring loops are active and cars are in the lane.


Simply pull up to your garage, enter your monthly/reservation ID at, and park. Early entry or overage charges are rebilled and collected by the customer’s originating vendor – no scans, swipes, or hassle, just smooth entry and exit. 


Parkonect also supports one-touch access, with direct navigation to from participating vendors' apps.

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