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Full Systems


At a fraction of the cost of competing systems, Parkonect offers a full system solution in select markets. We combine our cutting-edge presale redemption hardware and cloud solution with a barcode-based ticket dispenser, gates, loops, pay-on-foot stations, lobby door controllers, VOIP intercoms, and more to offer unimpeachable revenue control while extending a smooth and truly innovative parking experience to your garage's customers.

  • Real-time cloud logs, counts, and controls

  • Barcode-based transient tickets

  • Custom-branded monthly & guest programs

  • VOIP/intercoms and remote management tools

  • Door systems, pay-on-foot stations, and other products

  • Instant integration with every major online seller


We deploy our extensive suite of modules and parking amenities to ensure that your full Parkonect system is perfectly tailored to your unique needs: both residential and commercial facilities benefit from our GPS-enabled iPhone/Android monthly passes, web-based validations, mobile pay-on-foot apps, RFID-based AVI access control options, automated early entry and overage collection, instant integration with every major online seller, and more.


Whatever the shape or size of your facility, installing a full Parkonect system places critical efficiency and revenue-boosting tools at your command.

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