Integrated Sellers

Our instant integration with every major online seller is unmatched. You can unlock the true potential of Internet presales without being constrained to a single vendor.


Parkonect understands the value of selling your vacancies online, and we give you the most opportunities to do this. We stand alone with the most multi-vendor third-party online parking integrations: ParkWhiz, SpotHero, Parking Panda, ParkMe, and more.  
We are also integrated with operator – specific platforms such as Standard Parking's Click-and-Park, InterPark Online and LAZ's online reservation system.


Our cloud software takes these integrations to a whole new level. Not only do we aggregate the presellers' data so you always know who is in the garage, out of the garage, and still scheduled to arrive – we also provide real-time consolidation of arrival, use, and count information so you can analyze what is truly happening in your garage to make strategic inventory and pricing decisions. 


Parkonect is at the forefront of the parking presales revolution, and we give you the ability to instantly adapt to changing marketplace conditions without any downtime or need for any garage-level reconfigurations. Our software’s programming interfaces are robust and written in multiple programming languages, allowing for near-immediate integration with any new “player” in the online/mobile parking world. And, we continually work with these sellers to further the industry's need for exceptional products, practices, and customer experiences.    



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