License Plate Recognition


Shouldn't LPR be truly universal? Welcome to Parkonect's cloud LPR. 


With Parkonect, you can extend the seamless experience of LPR to monthly, presale and hotel parkers.   Better yet, our LPR system includes express exiting for transient parkers that have paid at a pay-on-foot station, have fully validated tickets, or are exiting within the garage's grace period.    


Our LPR API offers you the unmatched flexibility to augment new or existing LPR systems with universal cloud access, real-time logs and counts by parker source, and a license plate data warehouse that gives you full visibility over customer information and access history.


This robust feature set gives each of your customers an experience that is truly unmatched in the marketplace – and like all other Parkonect cloud solutions, your hardware is LPR-ready without any need for costly garage-level reconfigurations.

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