We tell you when to
ticket or tow


Parkonect’s enforcement web-app unleashes the potential of third-party presales at your surface lot while maintaining simplicity and sanity for your enforcers.


Flat lot enforcement should be simple: either a car has paid to be there or it hasn’t. Our enforcement web app does just that by consolidating all presale activity to our simple-to-use and appropriately named website DoITow.com (Do I Tow).


With our enforcement portal, there’s no learning curve, no information overload, and no need for your enforcement agents or towing company to switch from app to app or list to list to figure out if a car is supposed to be in your lot. Designed to work from any smartphone or Internet connected device, we only display those parkers who are supposed to be in the lot at that point-in-time. Better yet, our quick search function allows your team to instantly parse our license plate data by entering as little as one letter or number and we can easily add your monthly parkers to this list.


Built from the same architecture that powers Parkonect’s barcode readers and cloud-based software, our enforcement portal allows you to provide grace periods on the front and back-end of reserved parking periods, integrate with every major online and mobile preseller, see aggregated sales activity, and more.


Policing your lot just got a whole lot easier.

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