Monthly Access Control


We offer every type of monthly access control: barcode, FOB, long-range RFID (AVI), LPR and more. But, we preference barcode. 

Our barcode based monthly solution features QR codes that allow for immediate distribution of passes by email. We even have GPS enabled iPhone/Android monthly passes that instantly appear on the parker’s cell phone when they enter the drive lane.  Branded to your company or building, our barcode-based custom passes aren't just a useful tool, they're an attractive amenity that add value to every parking experience and promote your brand. Eliminate the need for expensive fobs that can be lost or stolen and instead, use a our barcode based monthly credential system that's managed in the cloud, where issuance and deactivation is a breeze and you never have a costly key-tag or hard pass to recover.   

Regardless of the monthly credential type you choose, as LPR and AVI are premium experiences for all customers, our monthly access control system is intuitive and highly sophisticated. 


Create different types of monthly account users with different usage parameters, restrictions, and activation dates. We have nested parking options, pooling, and master parking accounts that can cross multiple properties. We have full anti-passback options and the ability to reset individual parkers or parking accounts to a "neutral" status with the click of a button. We have a variety of integrations with leading monthly billing solutions such as Integrapark's PARIS. And, we have a series of reports, histories and audit trails to ensure 100% transparency and accountability behind all your monthly parking transactional use.

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