Valet Tracker


Parkonect's Valet Tracker gives you total access control over valets while simultaneously tracking every vend and duration of stay in real time.


Is your facility being used by third-party valets? Instead of letting valets come and go with FOBs or using validations that can’t truly be tied to a vehicle’s entry time, Parkonect’s Valet Tracker gives you 100% visibility over each valet parking transaction – so you can maximize revenue while maintaining the highest level of control over your garage:


  • Our system tracks how many vehicles are parked, the name of the individual valet who parked or retrieved a car, and correlates the valet ticket directly to its entry and exit vend.

  • Our cloud-based reporting breaks down vends by each active valet company, shows parking durations by valet ticket number, and allows for the calculation of the calculation of the value associated with the valet ticket's duration based on the rate card of your choice, allowing you to rebill or analyze your third-party valet programs.


And like all other Parkonect cloud solutions, your Parkonect hardware is Valet Tracker-ready without any need for costly garage-level reconfigurations.

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