Modern technology

yields modern profits.

Parking hardware today, that's ready for tomorrow.

It's time your garage is connected to the rest of the world.
IoT Parking Equipment
360˚  Cloud Control
Unmatched API Integrations
From full parking access and revenue control systems to add-on solutions that work with your existing equipment, Parkonect's family of IoT connected parking hardware fit facilities of every shape and size. Combined with our API driven cloud platform, unlock true profitability from hidden cash flows and operational efficiencies while driving the experience that keeps your customers where they belong:  your garage

Your goal is to have a profitable garage.  

Maximize rates. Maximize occupancy. Minimize costs.  

Make strategic decisions with real time data and instantly actionable hardware 

Parking equipment is not all the same. 
Your parking equipment needs to do more than issue a time-stamped ticket or let monthly users in and out of the garage.
Parkonect was designed to maximize profitability – increase revenues through creative, mobile-based products today’s customers seek while simultaneously minimizing costs through real-time, cloud based management software and equipment that is nearly maintenance free as a result of almost no moving parts.
Parkonect was built on the foundation that a parking facility is a component of a greater property asset investment. We have products and features that were specifically designed to increase customer loyalty, your brand and site amenities. When done right, these attributes lead to sustained profitability and significantly improved asset valuation.
What your parking system should be:
Low Cost
Full PARCS system from $39,985
Yes, that includes lane terminals, gates with lit arms ,PCI gateway and our full software suite.... everything but installation. 
Easy to Maintain
Less than 1 maintenance call a year
Four years running, our full PARCS and add-on readers are practically maintenance free with 99.95% continued up-time.
Instantly Adaptable
Continually evolves with the market 
Our hardware and software are both cloud based, giving you a platform that dynamically adjusts to market changes without requiring onsite reconfigurations . Cloud-based software without IoT hardware can not do this.

Solutions to reach unprecedented profits

Parkonect gives you advanced capabilities, well more than just connecting you with today’s leading mobile and app-based sellers. 




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