An Open System that Opens Doors

Our parking technology has the most integrations in the industry at over 85 and counting. Parkonect's open API platform empowers our customers to stay future-ready with a click of a button as new technologies, apps and features emerge in the marketplace.

Parkonect enables you to drive revenue with integrations to all major third party aggregators, multiple monthly billing systems, building management systems, consumer benefit programs and more.

Third Party Sellers

With instant integration to every major online seller standard in our platform, Parkonect stands alone with the most multi-vendor third-party online parking integrations. We even integrate with several operators’ proprietary platforms.

Our expanded data allows you to examine the behavior of all presale customers through our custom analytics tools, including commission fee calculation tools so you always know the net revenue you should expect from aggregators.

Monthly Billing Systems

Our monthly billing API makes it quick and easy to integrate with the top billing firms in the industry. Always ensure the monthly credentials active in your garage are billed for with one of the simplest revenue control enhancements for your asset.

Business Intelligence Tools

Have a business intelligence tool that powers your business? Let Parkonect feed that system with all your asset’s valuable data. Our business intelligence API enables you to share transactional data from our platform so that you can quickly view the KPIs that are important to your business.

Building Management Systems

Today more than ever, asset owners and property managers seek to create a unified experience at their building. Parkonect’s integrated platform allows tenants to utilize their building access cards in your garage and even extends access to their phones via QR code and Bluetooth.

Additionally, our platform enables use of guest passes by utilizing our APIs, allowing for automated back-end features including check-in authorization for other areas of the building. We understand the parking garage is part of a greater real estate asset, which is why we built our platform to be open to and communicate with the other systems for a fully integrated experience.

Connect Your Garage to the Rest of the World

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