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Equipment that fits your current needs and fuels your future growth.

We can’t predict the future of transportation, but we can equip your asset with powerful, intelligent hardware to thrive no matter what.

Scalable for Every Asset
Our Parkonect Kiosk advances our industry-leading cloud and QR code-based ticketing solution to meet the needs of the future consumer with multiple contactless options—or, augment your current PARCS with our add-on IoT readers.
Limited Moving Parts = Reduced Downtime
Our system was designed with the goal of having maximum uptime. With almost no moving parts and non-proprietary components, the need for expensive hardware service contracts is a thing of the past.
Dynamic Rate Tables
Instantly change rates and display new rate tables on our Parkonect Kiosk interactive touchscreen with the click of a button. Our software is so simple, there’s no need to open a support ticket and wait days to change a rate—you can do it yourself.

Gear Up Your Facility

All Parkonect equipment is easy to install, virtually maintenance-free and has no moving parts. Parkonect can be used to fully manage your asset, or we have options that integrate with your existing hardware.


Our Parkonect Kiosk marks a new era in IoT parking equipment.

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Add-On IoT Readers

Entry, Exit and Pay Stations deployed on their own or with legacy equipment.

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Gate Kits

Monthly and pre-sale access control for garages with overhead doors, lane constraints and non-traditional configurations.

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Door Controllers

Equipment to easily control pedestrian access in any secured area of your building.

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Drive Revenue in Real Time

The greatest advantage of Parkonect’s platform lies in our cloud-based analytics and reporting tool. It instantly provides actionable asset information, designed to enable educated changes to maximize profitability.

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