Data Collection on the Leading Edge

Anywhere access to the data that helps you strategically make real-time decisions to drive profitability.

Parkonect aggregates your parking asset's data and provides visualization tools to help you understand trends and find previously unknown revenue opportunities.

Anytime Access
Securely access all your real-time data and reports through any internet-connected device. Access several KPIs including revenue, occupancy, validations and more through the click of a button.
Continual Updates
As our software continually updates, so do our reports—meaning the latest data is always a click away. We’re constantly creating new ways to understand your facility to help drive asset valuation.
Presale Analytics
We don’t just accept reservations—we give you the data and insights to understand what each aggregator is generating (gross and net) and the behavior of your customers.

Instant Asset Intelligence

All reports generated by Parkonect’s reporting engine are instantly exportable, sortable on-screen and hot-linked to show underlying data details by row. We built our reporting engine with the end-user experience in mind.

Our data reflects revenue from multiple channels associated with your asset, not just transactions completed through our system.

Browse all Parkonect report highlights below.

Total Revenue Report:

All revenues collected by type

Garage Summary Report:

All garage activity for a specific date range

Revenue by Rate Report:

Revenues collected at the garage level by rate band

Credit Card Sales Report:

All credit card transactions by type

Validation Summary Report:

All validation usage by date range

Parking Pass Generator Count Report:

All Parking Passes issued for a specified date range

Parking Pass Generator Count Rebill Report – Overage:

All overage revenues to be rebilled to validation tenants

Rebill Vendor Report:

All penalty fees rebilled to third-party vendors

Transient Ticket Summary Report:

High-level report highlighting tickets issued by lane and tickets closed by transaction type

Open Transient Ticket Report:

Detailed list of all open tickets during a user-specified time

Closed Transient Ticket Report:

Detailed report of all closed tickets during a user-specified time range

Validation Rebill Report:

Report used to bill back tenants for validations that may be based on custom rate tables

Validation Summary Report – High Level:

Aggregate totals by validation for a date range

Validation Print Log:

Detailed list of validation barcodes/stickers that were printed during a specified date range

Revenue by Lane:

Sales transaction report summary, by lane, with ability to drill down to detailed transactions

Transaction Log:

All transactions processed through Parkonect hardware

Account Summary:

Current list of active and inactive monthly account holders

Account History Use Report:

Detailed cardholder activity

Account Debit at Exit Rebill Report:

All monthly cardholder activity that calculates amount to be re-billed based on rate sheet

Car Count by Type Report:

Occupancy broken down by parker classification by date range

Monthly Count Report:

Activity/occupancy report of monthly cardholders broken down by hour and sortable at the account level

Presale Count Report:

Occupancy report of third-party pre-sales by vendor by hour

Vend Detail:

Detailed report of all gate vends and the associated source of the vend

Reservation Summary:

Gross revenue, seller commission and net remit for third-party pre-sales so you know what you’re owed

Reservation Sales Report:

Transactional report of reservations (past, present and future) by third-party vendor by date range

API Change Log:

Detailed tracking of changes made to third-party reservations post purchase

Reservation Cancellation:

Detailed report of all reservations canceled by third-party sellers

Reservation Usage Report:

Transactional report showing usage detail of all third-party reservations

Hotel Report:

Reconciliation of all hotel passes issued and corresponding usage days and pass modifications

Hotel Shift Report:

Reconciliation of all hotel passes issued and corresponding usage days and conversion time

Hotel Pass Log:

Detailed activity report of all hotel pass transactions

Hotel Closed Ticket Rebill Report:

Billing report to show the associated value of each hotel pass, based on duration or usage days

Manual Logins/Logouts Audit:

All manual gate vends/ticket adjustments to all open records

Pay at Garage Log:

Transactional detail of all garage activity for a specified time period exported in Excel

Monthly Parker Log:

Transactional detail of all monthly cardholder activity exported in Excel

Failed Scans Log:

All failed scans exported in Excel

API Vend Log:

All vends triggered by gate kits or through an API

Promo Code Usage Report:

Promo-code redemption activity on reservations made through Parkonect's reservation engine

API Validations:

All validations generated by a third party

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