We had IoT parking hardware before the Industry could spell "i-o-t"


At our first trade show in 2012, we had a booth that said "Stop the Chaos" and we did our best to inform the parking world that mobility and connectivity was coming to parking garages and the then-current parking platforms would not be able to handle it. Many people thought we were crazy. Perhaps we were.... but we were right.


Today, it is a common place to hear references to"on demand" for everything. The reality is, parking customers are no different than any consumer. The information they need is always at their fingertips, and they have the power to purchase instantly.


Parkonect is much more than an add-on reader for presales. Our platform does everything you'd expect from a modern parking solution, including LPR, visualized analytics, ticket dispensing and more. The only unexpected thing... our affordable price.

At Parkonect, we let you compete on your own terms so you can maximize profitability, utilization and customer experience. We combine cutting-edge hardware and smart software to help operators and garage owners take full advantage of the massive shift toward real-time transacting, all while providing a revolutionary parking experience at a form factor that fits all garages. Our end-to-end system consists of customer-friendly, fully "connected" hardware in the garage, actionable revenue control and reservation software in the cloud, and integrated solutions with today's leading online parking sellers and transportation-based channel providers.


More importantly, we are mindful that we don't exactly know what's coming next. Therefore, we architected our technology to dynamically support other emerging transportation-based providers without requiring onsite reconfigurations. With Parkonect, you are not purchasing a static system. It's actually quite the opposite, as you have a solution that will grow and change with the market as it changes.


Harlan Karp, Founding Partner 

Partner Feedback
At our Parkonect locations, our customers have voted with their dollars and rave reviews. We are now seeing people who previously parked once a month, parking multiple times a week.  They are even willing to pay more, choosing Parkonect when comparing two garages literally side by side and right next to each other.
– Mark Lawrence, CEO, SpotHero
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