Case Study

Transforming Assets Throughout Colorado


Parkwell, a parking and mobility management company, has an impressive portfolio of assets spanning 40+ locations throughout some of the most popular areas in Colorado.

After five years in operation, Parkwell sought to streamline its relationships with PARCS equipment providers, and more importantly, advance its assets into the future and exclusively cloud-based systems. Naturally, those goals made Parkonect a top contender.

Quality Over Quantity

Because Parkwell’s portfolio encompasses a wide breadth of facility types and sizes, the team was already familiar with the vast majority of legacy PARCS solutions. They were also familiar with their downfalls: costly upgrades and maintenance, inflexible tools and a lack of real-time data weighed on their clients’ ability to drive revenue. With that in mind, the decision was made to push solely cloud-based systems moving forward.

“We’re always educating our clients on the benefits of the cloud-based system: the many features, the integrations, all of the future-ready technology you have. It’s a great selling point,” noted Joel Christensen, Founder and CEO of Parkwell. “We can do all of that at a very competitive price point. It ends up being a very easy conversation with most property owners who are looking to upgrade their equipment.”

“The Gen2 system is really user friendly and pretty attractive. In terms of parking equipment, it has the best curb appeal,” mentioned Christensen. “We love the customization that is offered with the platform. A good example would be a creative solution we just put into place for Colorado University.”

Tasked with accommodating CU employees’ flexible schedules, Parkonect and Parkwell teamed up to build a custom website for employees to purchase parking online and offer flex passes only available to CU employees. “We were able to get that done in 30 days and provide a highly creative solution. That’s the type of customization and nimbleness we love about Parkonect. We couldn’t have done that with any other system,” added Christensen.

A Suite of Solutions for Every Asset

With all the software features, integrations, customizations, and real-time updates enabled through Parkonect’s platform, Parkwell facilities that have made the switch already see a profitable difference.

“We use the heck out of the system, and we’re getting a lot out of it. If we have a weird use case, we can call somebody at Parkonect and pull it off,” said Christensen. Employee discount parking passes, site-branded websites, our valet portal and hotel portal are just some of the myriad features of the Parkonect platform that Parkwell depends on for its clients.

And when it comes to analytics, real-time occupancy counts, online reservation tracking and daily revenue and transaction counts are changing the way Parkwell locations operate day in and day out. Not having to be in the garage to understand where you stand on occupancy is really key,” added Christensen. “We’re able to set up alerts in the system so that we can be informed when it’s getting tight and send someone to manage turnover. We can manage so much of it remotely and spare the hours of being on the ground.”